Sergio Biseo, in his eighties, plays his double bass. He and his wife were sad not to see his grandchildren this year, but they kept busy with various video calling over Christmas.

No matter what Tier we find ourselves in, I can find creative solutions for photoshoots whilst adhering to government mandated restrictions and without sacrificing quality. 

My window sessions are the most popular choice for socially distanced photoshoots at the moment. For many people they serve not only as a way to remain contemporary and up to date, but also as a reminder of these times. Not trying to forget, but to document the ways we must adapt to the situation we are facing. 

The window photoshoots are for everyone, whether you want a socially distanced CEO portrait, creative team headshots, a musician press shot for an EPK, a family portrait or candid family lifestyle. For businesses, you may want to check out my Work From Home page

If this is something that might interest you feel free to get in touch via email and we'll schedule a call to discuss further.  

Portrait of a young boy on Christmas Day

Untitled photo
Suzanne, 84 years old lives on her own.  Suzanne doesn’t have access technology for video calling but says she has received more Christmas cards this year, around 50 in fact. She feels a great sense of solitude at the moment, not least of all because she doesn’t know many other people in her situation and feels that elderly people on their own are underrepresented in the media. “The BBC news never shows any older person with no family. It makes me feel worthless and causes survivors guilt.” As an avid music fan she takes solace in listening to music, a friend who rings her every evening and letters from a young singer who I know who is working in Germany.
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