Keeping your visual representations up to date and relevant is just as important in 2021 as ever.  But with many of your teams and people working from home for the last year and and perhaps for the foreseeable future, how can you keep your organisations' photography updated? With resilience, adaptability and most of all, creativity. 

I have a wealth of  experience in creating high quality portraiture in all sorts of settings and finding solutions to seemingly impassable obstacles. There are many concepts and ways to produce your executive portraiture, team headshots and even the "office lifestyle" outside of the traditional work space. Each idea is tailored specifically to individual clients and in line with government rules. These photoshoots are for everyone, whether you want a socially distanced CEO portrait, creative or classic staff headshots, a musician press shot for an EPK, personal branding photography, a family portrait or candid family lifestyle photography.I am very careful to take my own precautions when working during these times and all shoots are socially distanced.     

No matter which tier we find ourselves in I can adapt quickly to the guidelines and restrictions to create high quality imagery to keep your organisation and messaging relevant. 

2019_05_30- KTW_Archer_001_PR_075

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