New Faces in Old Havana

Havana is reinventing itself as a hipster city. Its deep cultural and artistic roots are<br />
becoming more abstract, modern, vibrant. So are its faces. Classic images of the old<br />
woman puffing on a cigar in the Plaza Vieja or the driver of an American car are fast being replaced by the faces of influencers, promoters and alternative artists. As Havana’s cultural scene evolves beyond its classic ‘time warp’ stereotype, new startups, art collectives and social projects are emerging in new and exciting ways.

By KT Watson (photos) & Aliénor Salmon (words)

Havana has the mystifying ability to combine ancestral traditions with a new wave of modernity. A new generation is leading a social transformation with their cameras, paintbrushes and Instagram accounts, taking inspiration from its past in order to shape its future. There’s a lot that we can learn from the Cuban way of life, where necessity and hardship has led to levels of creativity, solidarity and human connection which is rarely found elsewhere. As access to the internet begins to expand, there is the opportunity to share this creativity with the world.

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