Anthea McTurk lives alone and has been self-isolating since the UK lockdown was announced. She has several underlying health conditions including COPD and orthostasis. Anthea most misses hoping on public transport to visit museums and galleries with her Art Pass, as well as being able to help her friends and neighbours in person. She has a sense of resilience in the face of the crisis and tells me she does not worry about the imminent future for herself. She avoids reading or watching the news each day, and tries to give herself daily tasks to try to maintain some daily routine. Anthea's greatest comfort is bitter sweet; "what comforts me is that my elderly parents are no longer with me and tragic as it was, my lovely partner died suddenly a couple of years ago so he does not have to go through this for himself and his elderly mother." Her resilience is also apparent in her greatest reassurance: that which she sees of the common decency of people you might, or might not know and random acts of kindness.

A Portrait of Isolation 2

Italian dance student Alice Lunedei is 22 years old and lives here in London with 3 other students. Although Alice has no underlying health conditions, she still worries that she is at risk as news of healthy young people dying increases. She misses most her freedom of movement, of being able to fly back to Italy to see family and friends when she was able to. For Alice the hardest thing has been dealing with not feeling safe, even for daily tasks such as going to the supermarket. "I have a lot of mixed thoughts and feeling in these days, sometimes I feel scared, weak or sad but also confident that things will soon get better." Alice does not feel much comfort in the current crisis, but she does feel reassured by her housemates, and how the try to help each other as much as they can. She feels very lucky to have them. At the time the photo was taken, if it weren't for this pandemic, Alice would have been in Peru with her housemate and friend Margherita, Margherita's mum, her auntie and another friend of theirs. Their plan was to visit it for 12 days to celebrate Margherita's auntie's birthday. Both Alice and Margherita flew back to Italy on 4th March 2020.

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