OLD Business & Corporate Page - KTW Photography

Classic & Versatile

Using portable background and lighting I provide versatile corporate headshots, perfect for any website design and the most popular choice for network profile shots such as LinkedIn. This is also a popular choice for individual team member profile images on your website as it ensures visual consistency which raises the quality of the images collectively.     

Statement & Environmental Portraits

Placing people in their environments gives viewers more information and provides a more personable touch to the classic headshot. A very popular choice for profiles that stand out.

  • 2017_09_28- KTW_2017_09_28 - JJFS_311
  • 2017_09_28- KTW_2017_09_28 - JJFS_282
  • 2017_09_28- KTW_2017_09_28 - JJFS_140_2
  • 2016_05_03-OnCam001_462TESTFINISH
  • 2017_09_28- KTW_2017_09_28 - JJFS_367_2

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