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Since a young age I’ve felt the need to capture the world around me. In 2009 I did a one month intensive documentary filmmaking course at the EICTV in Cuba and co-directed an 8min documentary. This experience was where it all started. In 2010 I volunteered on a project called London Recut and was asked to document the workshops they provided in various communities. It was then that I realised my desire to record and capture life could not only be a vehicle for me to explore and interpret my world and the world of others, but that it could also serve other people.

With no formal training, I began taking on small photography and videography jobs and doing bar work to pay the bills. But London is a competitive and expensive city and it was increasingly hard to find the time between the day job to improve and develop my skills and style.

I left the UK and travelled for some 9 months before settling in Thailand for the foreseeable future. For the following three years I called Bangkok home. I worked in a wide variety of subjects and fields; from assistant work, art collaborations, event coverage, portraiture and fashion to reportage and documentary work. Between 2012 and 2013 I had images published in Vice, the Wall Street Journal and a series of images shot for VSO Thailand/ Myanmar published in the Guardian. I also shot weddings in France and Canada.

On returning to London in late 2014, I had a skill set and style that I didn’t previously have and I was able to make a humble living from my craft, especially in concert photography and portraiture. These two fields greatly improved my understanding of light and lighting. 

Between 2015 and 2016 I began exploring and experimenting with photography as a form of perception and simultaneously a form of presenting information. One result of these explorations was a collection of images called Cognitions, which formed part of my solo exhibition in Islington in June 2017.

2017 was a productive year which began with a 10 day commission in Sierra Leone for a health NGO, assistant work in Doha, a solo exhibition and delivering a 5 week photography workshop for young refugee men in a London charity. Some of the images they produced were later displayed at the Design Museum in Kensington. Amid this I continued with my concert photography, artist collaborations and corporate portraiture as well as assisting a formidable portraiture photographer with whom I recently travelled to Vietnam for one of his projects.

Recent work:

2018 - Camden Council; Kensington & Chelsea Liberal Democrats; first assistant to Slater King; assistant to Charles Sturge; various performing artists portraits; studying online/ part time for diploma in Freelance Photojournalism.

2017 - Welbodi; Paiwand; first assistant to Slater King; assistant to Sven Ellsworth; solo exhibition; various musicians, performing artists; various live music; various corporate.

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