Portrait of a young boy through a window as part of a family photoshoot on Christmas Day. 2020

Belsize Organic convenience store in North West London, December 2020.

You can learn more about my socially distanced shoots for individuals and families here, or if you are a business you can find out more on how I can work with you and your teams here. If you'd like to get in touch to discuss your options in more detail you can drop me an email


Yes, technically I have reasonable excuse to leave my home for the parts of my job that cannot be carried out from home. Having said that, I use my best judgement for each job and think more in terms of risk assessment. I will turn down work that I feel would be irresponsible. 


Before every shoot that involves me leaving my home the first thing I do is check the AOP (Association of Photographers) for any updates on working in line with government restrictions. I sanitise all my equipment before, during and after each location/ job as well as frequently using hand sanitiser and keeping extra masks to hand. Most importantly, all my work during lockdowns and Tier 4 is socially distanced. 


We will have an initial call before hand to discuss the photoshoot and communicate via phone during the session. The most popular choice for many at the moment is photographing through your windows where possible. We can also do photos in front of your front door. I allow for a limited number of bookings a day which would involve an outdoor open space such as a park. My 70-200mm (2.8) lens allows me to maintain a substantial distance whilst still providing a good variety of images for you. Again, this is in line with government guidelines as we will not be closer than a few metres, if even that. Having said this, my preference is for sessions that do not encourage you to leave your home so outdoor shoots are very much considered on a case by case basis. 


I don't think it's something anyone should do necessarily, and as I mentioned there are jobs I will turn down if I don't feel it'd be responsible. Certainly not everyone will choose to have a photoshoot now, preferring to wait until things are 'back to normal' and safer. But one of the biggest lessons from last year is that we don't know which way things will go and when. Most importantly, I believe strongly in the necessity of documenting the big and nuanced signs of our times, for society and for individuals. With a background in documentary photography I create images that capture some aspect of your situation, such as photographing through windows, wearing face masks. We have all been deeply affected one way or another by the pandemic and  documenting this  moment in your life and your situation can provide a record for you to reflect on and remember when things do eventually get better. 

  • Sergio Biseo, in his eighties, plays his double bass. He and his wife were sad not to see his grandchildren this year, but they kept busy with various video calling over Christmas.
©KT Watson | | www.ktw.photographer | IG: @ktwphotographer
  • Suzanne, 84 years old lives on her own.  Suzanne doesn’t have access technology for video calling but says she has received more Christmas cards this year, around 50 in fact. She feels a great sense of solitude at the moment, not least of all because she doesn’t know many other people in her situation and feels that elderly people on their own are underrepresented in the media. “The BBC news never shows any older person with no family. It makes me feel worthless and causes survivors guilt.” As an avid music fan she takes solace in listening to music, a friend who rings her every evening and letters from a young singer who I know who is working in Germany. ©KT Watson | | www.ktw.photographer | IG: @ktwphotographer
  • My dad, Derek Watson. He missed the usual chaos and mayhem of having us all round (I'm sure!) especially his grandson Jasper. ©KT Watson | | www.ktw.photographer | IG: @ktwphotographer
  • The Vicar of All Saints' Church Childs Hill | Parish Church of All Saints at home with his family in the vicarage on Christmas Eve. He later held Christmas Eve Mass. ©KT Watson | | www.ktw.photographer | IG: @ktwphotographer
  • A Portrait of Isolation 2
  • A family look out their window as night falls on boxing day. ©KT Watson | | www.ktw.photographer | IG: @ktwphotographer
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